Everything that glitters…is a town

One of my favorite adventures on my journey as Co-Pilot was our night flight. By now, I was an experienced Co-Pilot…and by experienced I mean I no longer felt the need to drink three shots of tequila before flying.  We arrived at the airport just as the sun was setting. It was already a breathtaking view from the ground, but nothing could have prepared me for the absolutely stunning view we had when we got up there.

We loaded up, me with my blanket in the backseat and him and his instructor up front. By the time we were ready to take off the last glimmer of sun was leaving the horizon. Our course was simple; take off and land a few times at our home airport then fly to a nearby town thirty miles away to do a few take offs and landings there before returning.

After we took off and started to climb, I watched mesmerized as the lights from the houses and street lamps began to twinkle like sprinkled stardust over our town. It was more than I could have ever imagined; and the best part was, the person I love was flying us over this magical scene.

Finishing in our town, we started our quest toward our next target. As we trekked through the inky blackness of night, the glistening lights became more and more sporadic the further we got away from town. I could hardly tear my eyes away from the window. Flying at night was definitely the way to go!

Before I realized it we were halfway to the the town we were headed too. I could look behind us and see our home and look ahead of us to see our destination. I will never forget that feeling…the realization of almost being in two places at once. If his instructor hadn’t been there I would definitely count it as one of the top ten romantic moments.

The flight itself was successful, but the feeling it gave me was way more than that. It reminded me that magical moments in every day life can occur…you just have to be willing to look for them.