A girl, her pilot and their plane

Our next adventure was just the two of us. We planned to fly to a restaurant called Patti’s, eat some of their famous two inch porkchop and boat sinker desert and enjoy a gorgeous night flight back. I was super excited about flying at sunset…I’m a huge fan of the flying sunset scene in the movie Pearl Harbor (can you say super romantic)

As you can see, the view was out of this world. The pictures really do not do it justice. The flight was smooth, and when it wasn’t, I really didn’t notice because of the full glass of wine I was nursing on the way there. 

Little did we know that the “fun” wouldn’t begin until we landed. As he did his post flight checklist, I called Patti’s to let them know we were at the airport ready to be picked up. It wasn’t long until we saw a vehicle headed our way. 

Now I must preface the next part by saying I am a country girl; I grew up in a small, farming community. I am in no way against small and slightly dirty, pickup trucks…that’s just not what you want to see coming to pick you up at the airport for a romantic dinner in your cute clothes and carefully fixed hair. But, that is in fact, what we got. 

A little white pickup with an official park seal on the side pulled up to where we were waiting. The older gentlemen rolled down his window and asked if we needed a ride. My boyfriend and I glanced at each other before confirming that we did indeed need a ride. The driver then proceeded to clean a spot so we all three could cram into the little bench seat in the front. Even though it was uncomfortable, I was determined nothing was going to spoil this night. 

As we drove, the driver told us about the various wildlife that inhabited the park and pointed out an eagles nest among the trees. A little further down the road he asked how long we planned on staying at the park. We explained to him we had just flown in to eat at Patti’s because of all the wonderful things we had heard about it. 

“I’m from the park service, I can’t take you to Patti’s.” Was his horrifying response. How could this be? We had called Patti’s for a ride hadn’t we?

Unsure of what to do or where to go from here we told the driver just to continue on to the State Park and we would figure out from there. I was starting to get a little nervous…hell, a lot nervous. How had we got our rides mixed up? Once we reached the park we called Patti’s again and told them our situation. Our real ride was actually at the airport and they would have them come pick us up from the park. 

While we waited for them to get there, again, we tried to piece together what happened. All we could surmise was the man from the park must have just been driving by and saw us and we assumed he was our ride. Thank God he wasn’t an axe murderer who was just waiting to pick some helpless jet setters up from the airport! 

Once we got to Patti’s they were phenomenal about getting a table ready for us even though we were an hour late for our reservation (I think they felt sorry for us and our ride blunder). Our food was amazing and their service was even better. I could have eaten my weight in the strawberry butter and flower pot bread. I very highly recommend this as a place to add to your fly too list. 

I also highly recommend never to get into cars with strangers! 


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