The Danger Zone

  • Flying lessons – Check
  • Fly solo – Check
  • Night flight – Check
  • Pass checkride – Check

Finally, FINALLY…he was officially a pilot. After a year and a half of studying, flying, and me constantly up his tail (pun intended) he had done it. It was enough to make me want to drive down the taxi way, fist bumping the air to the musical stylings of Kenny Loggins.

The day after he passed his checkride we got up early and headed to the airport for our first official flight as Pilot and Co-Pilot. I was so excited! It would just be me, him and the open sky. We loaded up (I was finally in the front seat!) and I watched anxiously as he completed the pre-flight checklist. As we taxied out, my heart raced with anticipation. I felt the plane take flight and begin to climb, watching out the window as our town became smaller and smaller.

I will never be able to accurately put into words the emotions I felt as we flew, just him and I. I couldn’t believe we had actually made it to this moment. He had taken a dream and made it into a reality. Looking down at the ground from five thousand feet made me feel like anything was possible; looking at him confirmed that it was. This amazing, wonderful man that I love took a limit and went beyond it.


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