The Final Countdown 

It was finally here. The blood, sweat and tears from the past eighteen months had come down to this moment…the check ride. A day full of oral exams and flight maneuvers that separated the boys from the men who would be pilots.

I was so excited I even bought us matching shirts! Mine, of course, said Charlie while his said Maverick. Can you even be a pilot without loving the movie Top Gun? We already had to reschedule once because of weather, but this was it, it was going down (hopefully not the plane!).

I could hardly concentrate at work that day. I’m surprised I didn’t wear out my phone checking it every five minutes. Finally, that afternoon, the text came through…



I’ll never forget the relief and pride I felt at that moment! I couldn’t believe that everything he had worked for and all the things we had talked about were finally going to happen. The freedom to be able to fly just the two of us…I was ready to just sit in the front of the airplane.

It was definitely a day to remember!


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